12 Lessons learned from Steve Jobs | Guy Kawasaki [Video]

Guy KawasakiOne of Silicon Valley’s well known tech entrepreneurs and innovators, Guy Kawasaki, speaks on the 12 lessons that he learned from the late Steve Jobs.  Guy Kawasaki was one of the original Apple employees to be responsible for the original Macintosh Apple marketing campaigns in the early 80’s. Definitely a great inspiring video to watch.      


Lesson 1: Experts are clueless

Listening to biased journalists and analysts will not help you achieve your start up and entrepreneurship goals.  Experts are usually disconnected from customers and are clueless about social trends.  As an entrepreneur, you have to learn to figure things out for yourself.

Lesson 2: Customers cannot tell you what they need

If you truly want to change the world and become a successful entrepreneur, you need to listen to yourself and set the trend.  Customers cannot tell you what they need; you have to learn to guide them.

Lesson 3: Biggest challenges beget the best work

There is no limit to what the mind can accomplish, especially in the minds of a group of smart and relentless entrepreneurs.  If you take on big projects and challenges, you will have no choice but to rise up and perform your best work.

Lesson 4: Design counts

In an economic world where everything is set on price points and laws of supply and demand, Apple has proven that design counts. You need to learn to enchant people with design and quality.  Let your work and pride speak for itself.

Lesson 5: Big graphics. Big font.

In presentations, sometimes saying less is more.  Learn to understand your product and frame it in a way that your product speaks for itself. 

Lesson 6: Jump curves

If you truly want to be an entrepreneur and innovator, you need to jump curves.  You cannot do things 10% better; you need to do things 100 X better.  If you want to change the world, you cannot do it on the curve your on, you need to jump curves. The real innovation happens on the next curve, not the curve you are on.

Lesson 7: “Work” or “doesn’t work” is all that matters

All that really matters is that if something works, or doesn’t work. Don’t worship religions and fads.  Do not get stuck on ideas that constrict your innovation. Simply put, all that matters is if your idea works or does not work.

Lesson 8: “Value” is different from “Price.”

Steve Jobs has proven that value is very different from price.  If you compete on price as an entrepreneur, it is a very tough market to take on. If you compete on value, you will always win. Stay unique and valuable, let your customers come to you.  When the value is great, the price is irrelevant.

Lesson 9: A players hire A players

B players hire C players and C players hire D players. This is known as the BOZO explosion.  The moment you lower your standards and hire B players, the BOZO explosion begins. A players hire A + players.

Lesson 10: Real CEOs demo

Real CEOs can demo. Real CEOs use and demo their products. If you want to be a successful CEO you need to use your product.

Lesson 11: Real Entrepreneurs Ship, not slip

When you have jumped curves, you need to make sure that you supersede your prior product or venture.

Lesson 12: Some things need to be believed to be seen

For entrepreneurs, you have to believe in your product, you have to ship your product, and then people will see it.  If you do not believe in your product and wait for proof, it will never happen.   If you wait for customer validation, it will never happen. You need to believe in “some things” if you want to see “some things.”


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