An Interview with Lead Design of NIKE Sportswear *Gemo Wong* [Video]

“The road that I took there are tons of bumps, probably more bumps than successes, but what I have tried to learn is those lessons through those bumps. With every loss there is a lesson. That mindset is what has made me a better person and a better designer.”- Gemo Wong

This is an aspiring and one of a kind interview with Lead Designer of Nike Sportswear Gemo Wong.  Gemo Wong takes the time to speak with HueTv and takes the interview behind the scenes at Nike’s corporate office.  Gemo Wong has run the operations at such veracious Urban Brands like Enyce, Phat Farm, Girbaud and Sean John.

No Copyright infringement intended; all material belongs to HueTv

Foreword + interview by Justin Lintag
Stills by Kenn Navarra, Androne Ravalo
Film by Mario & Marlon Soriano

“Passion drives Nike, and it also drives the culture.”- Gemo Wong


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