Andrew Bachman Lecture | Entrepreneurship Advice | Leverage [VIDEO]

hugo-aviles, tech-mogul, start-up-adviceSelf made tech and media mogul, Andrew Bachman, gives great insights and tips on the importance of the confidence factor.  He also takes the time to answer some start-up entrepreneurship questions with an outlook much different from most. 

Confidence creates results..

“What is really important about success is the confidence factor, because when you start making, you start believing. Then when you start believing, you start associating and finding yourself next to very important people.”- Andrew Bachman

Key Points:

1.       GOALS: Define success for you! 

a.       Dream big, fight society

2.       ROT:  (Reward On Time)

a.       What earns, what burns?  Identify & Optimize

b.      Confident living is profitable and pleasurable living

c.       Balance, being great at the intangibles

3.       WINNING

a.       Getting to your desired destination


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