Budgets are Sexy | Side Hustle Series | Case Studies [Tips]

hustle-hugo-aviles-1The economic environment in the last couple of years has definitely taken a toll on the purchasing power of the everyday consumer.  On the contrary, it has brought back the, “Live within your means” mentality, that are grandparents lectured during our youth.

From an economist perspective, there are just too many REAL economic indicators supporting our current state of ARTIFICIAL economic growth.  I hate to be the one broadcasting negative news, but we are currently facing a period of CLASS Separation.  This is a very ponderous and passionate subject for me, as I will strain away from it and transcend into the next note.

Taking On A Side Hustle

Last week, I stumbled upon the following website; Budgets are Sexy (http://www.budgetsaresexy.com/)  as there was a great article titled, “Make Extra Money With a Side Hustle Gig!” that instantly grabbed my attention.   I found the following site very insightful as it integrated several economic and budget principles into the content.

Saving (Disclosure)

From an economic point of view, one of the keys to economic progression is capital accumulation (SAVING), as capital accumulation over the long term will increase economic growth. As capital is reinvested into the economy over the long run and is infused into new business development and entrepreneurship.

Side Hustles

The series of articles in the following site Budgets are $exy contain a significant amount of inspiring and informational content in regards to several different side hustles that many young entrepreneurs are currently trending into.  Each article contains some of the following  elements;

   Type of hustle / occupation

                                                How They Got Started

                                            What’s there offer

                                                How much they make

                                                Pros and Cons

                                               Helpful resources

hustle hugo avilesConclusion

The fact is that our current REAL economy is not going to get better anytime soon.  It is highly recommended that you take the PROACTIVE initiative to work on creating several other revenue streams (side hustles) in order to support your future standard of living.  The basics are simple; save, live within your means, set a budget, and do the best that you can to allocate some of your time into performing a solid due diligence into an industry and side hustle that you feel will work for you.

The world is yours… #VereourNusquam.

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