CreativeLive’s Secrets From Silicon Valley | Creative Live [Video]

CREATIVE-LIVE, TIM-FERRISS, GARY-SWART, STARTUPSSome of todays most intuitive and creative startup minds gather during CreativeLive’s Secrets From Silicon Valley Event.  Business visionaries Tim Ferriss and Gary Swart join CreativeLive’s Chase Jarvis and Mike Salmi to answer some very important questions on such startup topics as, Growth Strategies, Outsourcing, Education, Mentors, Networking, and many more.

Chase Jarvis – Cofounder of Creative Live

Mika Salmi – CEO of CreativeLive

Tim Ferriss – Author, Metrics Driven Entrepreneur

Gary Swart  – CEO of ODESK

Key Points:

-Understanding the system of outsourcing and tapping into the global pool.

-Learn to start small and grow organically.

-Test for reliability first and competence second.

-Understanding the importance of just getting started and networking with the right people.  “Learn to get on the bus, even if you have to be the bus driver.”

-Learn to embrace the art of volunteering and working for free.

-The importance of finding great credible people to emulate and deconstructing the path that it took to get there.

-Study the train wrecks and the companies that have imploded and learn from them.

-“Work does not have to be at a desk, it can be a coffee shop or the beach.” – Gary Swart

-Entrepreneurs need to be able to think multi-dimensionally and create new opportunities.

Recommended Books;

Breaking the time barrier =eBook

Emyth Revisited = Book

Small Giants = Book


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