David Blaine holding his breath for 17 Min | Ted Talks [Video]

David Blaine, TED-TALK, HUGO-AVILES-BLOG“As a magician I think that everything is possible and if something is done by one person, I think it can be done by others.”- David Blaine

It is the will, the strength of discipline and character of a person that makes them successful.  All great masters understand this mindset and have learned to ingrain it in their practices.  In order to achieve great results in life, we must learn to take on new levels of resistance. You must learn to become your own worst critic and challenge yourself on a daily basis, recognizing your weaknesses from a third party perspective and attacking them with full force. Overtime, this mindset becomes a way of life.   

David Blaine is a modern day unorthodox magician that has become one of our eras Houdini. He explains the process and levels of resistance that he had to overcome in order to hold his breath for 17 minutes at the world renowned Ted Conference.  The following video will inspire you as he describes the journey he had to undertake in order to justify the world record to medical academia and society.   

 “As a magician I try to show things to people that seem impossible and I think magic whether I am shuffling a deck or holding a deck of cards is pretty simple.  It is practice, it is training, and it is experimentation, while pushing through the pain to be the best that you can be. That’s what magic really is to me.” – David Blaine


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