Compliments of two great men whom introduced me to the Matrix; Captain “Jay” Jason Schneider. USMC and Michael “Pop’s” Bounos; words cannot define how grateful and thankful I am to have met the two of you. I am humbled to have had the honor to mentor under both of you and I will never forget the magnificent and volatile times we have shared. Thank you!

I am an aspiring young self-directed trader, trying to engineer a career change and run several companies. I have had the privilege to play the “game”part time for the last eight years. I became serious about three years ago but I’m still learning. My goal is to become a full time, self-sustaining trader in five to ten years. As Simon Hart once said, “Early success is a poor teacher.” Although I didn’t blow up, I took a big hit in my personal life. I have been working to regain my mojo since my divorce in 2007 and I’m making progress! One of the better decisions I made after my divorce, was t to start focusing on myself. Therefore, I have focused less on lecturing other novices (I frown on those that do), and more on successful trading. I will share in detail my ideas, challenges and failures along the way.

There are a lot of blogs out there for new traders and for expert traders. My postings are somewhere in between. My hope is that I will meet other traders who share my passion for the trading process and who aren’t afraid to debate ideas and contribute their own insights. My posts are not about providing signals or recommendations. I look upon people who do with skepticism — they won’t be censored here, but they will certainly be challenged to explain their reasoning. My posts are not about promoting a certain view. Many bloggers out there say their way is the only way. They make all kinds of proclamations. They are all full of shit! Really! I am not averse to any perspective. Nor am I averse to unconventional ideas. I make “anti-proclamations”, which I suppose comes off as argumentative. But we aren’t afraid of argument, are we? (Rhetorical question.)

You say trade with the trend? I say there are plenty of people out there who trade the ranges.
You say trade many markets? I say there are people who are successful at trading one or two.
You say trade mechanically? I say there are discretionary traders out there who are wildly successful.
You say charts don’t work? I say there are successful traders who use them exclusively.
You say fundamentals don’t mean anything? I say they do!
You say trade long term? I say there are people making a killing off of tick charts!
You say quantitative methodologies are superior? I say they are par for the course…
Now, hopefully, you are beginning to understand my point of view with respect to academic debates on what works and what doesn’t. I have found what works for me. I recognize that it might not work for you. But I also respect and am profoundly interested in what works for you — only so few of you are willing to discuss it in any meaningful way! Come on people!
Just think of me as a casual drinking buddy. If you happen to get sick from drinking too much of the local brew or gorging on chili fries, that’s your problem. And if I say something that offends you, I’m probably drunk. But I don’t have a drinking problem. I swear. lol

Now that we have all that out of the way, “Stay thirsty my friends!”

Disclaimer: This blog is published solely for information purposes and is not to be construed as advice or a recommendation to buy or sell a security. Trading involves risk, including loss of principal and other losses. Trading results may vary. No representations are being made that utilizing techniques mentioned in this blog will result in or guarantee profits in trading. Past performance is no indication of future results. .

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