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“Started from the bottom now we’re here, started from the bottom now my whole team fucking here.”Drake

Understanding the fundamental principle that a team that works together eats together is one of the greatest leveraging attributes that one needs to comprehend early on in their lives.   The world of business is hard enough to take on by oneself.  As those select few who have had the privilege to master their craft will tell you.

“This shit is wicked on these mean streets, None of my friends speak, We’re all trying to win, but then again” – Jay Z “D’Evils”

In the current era of Hip Hop, you rarely hear a song that inspires those whom have come up during an Era of lyrical mastery and intuitive word play.  I have decided to take the time to decipher the following verses on Drakes new song, “Started from the bottom now we’re here” and apply them to the world of Entrepreneurship and the grind.



VERSE 1 | Starting from the bottom

I done kept it real from the jump
Living at my mama’s house we’d argue every month
Nigga, I was trying to get it on my own
Working all night, traffic on the way home
And my uncle calling me like “Where ya at?
I gave you the keys told ya bring it right back”
Nigga, I just think its funny how it goes
Now I’m on the road, half a million for a show
And we…


It’s amusing to hear several of life’s volatile cycles within the following verse.   As most successful moguls will tell you, that the greatest times and moments of their lives, were experienced during the struggles on the way to the top.  In the start and commencement of the early stages of your success, you must work to develop a smart and relentless work ethic.  This work ethic must compound exponentially into your life, as you must work to establish a reputation that sets you apart from the norm.  Whether working all night, sitting in traffic on the way, borrowing your friends’ vehicles to get to business meetings.  You need to pay your dues early on in your life, so you can reap the dividends of your sweat equity in the long run. “Now I’m on the road, half a million for a show.”

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VERSE 2 | Social Pressures

Boys tell stories about the man
Say I never struggled, wasn’t hungry, yeah, I doubt it, nigga
I could turn your boy into the man
There ain’t really much I hear that’s poppin’ off without us, nigga
We just want the credit where it’s due
I’ma worry about me, give a fuck about you
Nigga, just as a reminder to myself
I wear every single chain, even when I’m in the house



We live in a world full of social pressures and psychological duress. As most of the colleagues that we call friends and family are all subdued to the psychological evils and weaknesses of envy and greed, Drake takes this into account in the following verse, as his audience challenges his character and work ethic.  The transgression to this negative disclosure is that you must learn to judge your success by the effects that it has on those around you.   Your success acts as a double edge sword, as you will lose friends and family due to your intense drive.  The fact is that you are challenging the norm, while creating new comfort zones and levels of resistance that your friends and family are not comfortable with obtaining themselves.
VERSE 3 | Loyalty

No new niggas, nigga we don’t feel that
Fuck a fake friend, where you real friends at?
We don’t like to do too much explaining
Story stays the same, I never changed it
No new niggas, nigga we don’t feel that
Fuck a fake friend, where you real friends at?
We don’t like to do too much explaining
Story stay the same through the money and the fame



One thing is absolutely certain; the volatile cycle of success has many ups and downs.  There will be times when your friends and loved ones loyalty will be tested.  There will be times when you are going to fall, and you will fall hard.   This level of discomfort, whether emotionally or monetarily, will test your friendships.  It’s a process where you will have the pleasure of knowing who your true friends and family members are.  We all have plenty of friends at the top, but when the chips are down, who is there to help you pick them up?.

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