Gurbaksh Chahal | Developing Dynamic CEO Leadership Traits [Video]

Gurbaksh-Chahal, Internet-Entrepreneur, CEO-Leadership-Traits, Hugo-Aviles, Radium-OneAmazing presentation on developing dynamic CEO leadership traits, given by Gurbaksh Chahal, the Founder and CEO of Radium One. A die-hard internet entrepreneur, he started his first company, at the age of 16.

Three things that you will learn from the following video on Leadership;

1. The definition of Ambition, Discipline & Purpose.
2. Fear is your worst enemy. Risk is your best friend.
3. Insomnia will become your best friend.

Key Bullet Points:

-To be successful, all you need to do is think about something different.

-The number one thing that is going to keep you from being successful is time. You need to focus on traction.

– Entrepreneurs have the ability to create their own passion.

-Be open to change. Take the blinders off. Look around. Don’t be afraid to go off on all sorts of unusual directions, since that’s were you might just find the most unusual – and promising – opportunities.

– Hire only rock stars. Hire the smartest people you can find. Smart people make beautiful music together. Lots of smart people, working in unison, can have the power and beauty of a Beethoven symphony.

– Quality over Quantity. Don’t surround yourself around deadweight. Find that 1 person that does the power of 10.

– Don’t be frugal. Find the right people for the right jobs, and pay them what they’re worth. We all love and need rock stars.

-Ideas are 1% of the journey. Some of the most successful companies are copycats of an idea that already exists. 99% of it is all pure execution.

-Never make someone have control of something in your business that can make you vulnerable.

-Consider everyone replaceable. If you don’t – you’ll end up in an unexpected situation where your destiny will no longer be in your hands.

– Don’t’ expect help from others until you realize you can give them something.

– A real successful business is not run by algorithms, but by relationships.

-Always negotiate from a position of strength. If you need something from the other guy, you’ve already lost. People want what they can’t have. Become the thing people want.

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