Harvard I-Lab | Founding A Tech Startup | VC Raj Kapoor [Video]

HARVARD-I-LAB, STARTUPS, STARTUP-CONSULTING, HUGO-D-AVILESSuccessful entrepreneur and VC Raj Kapoor gives a very informative discussion to Harvard Students on Startups. Raj is the Managing Director of the Mayfield Fund, the cofounder/CEO of Snapfish, and now founder of “cofounder.co.” He discusses his new model, cofounder.co, which is designed to help new entrepreneurs co-found companies in the Bay Area, giving them the benefit of experience and his broad network.

Key points discussed in the video;

-What are investors really looking for?

-Understand the difference between Disruptive and Vertical consumer businesses.

-Role models are critical – especially early on…

-Venture outside of what your learning, the most important people that you will ever meet are the ones that are not in your major.

-Build Networks first, sometimes by chance. As luck does not hit people, you need to position yourself to have luck find you.

-By virtues of NO one knowing anything, you can become an expert at everything.

-If you don’t have the burning passion to be an entrepreneur, go work at a company that emulates that passion and you will learn what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

-Know when to cut the chord, timing does matter.

-Disruption leads to a lot of entrepreneurs.

-Early – It’s 100% Funding, Product, and Recruiting

-Capitalize on Luck and Timing

-Do not be surprised where the real business contacts come from.

-Knowing that only 1% of your idea is original.

10 Learning Lessons from Snapfish
1. Don’t wait for inspiration-Position So It Falls on Your Head.
2. Data Changes and Its Never Enough – Invest In Your Gut
3. Passion is infectious – You Gotta Really Have It
4. Be Crisp and Confident When Selling
5. Sell What They Want, Not What You Want
6. Hire People Better Than You
7. You’re Always Raising Money
8. Hypothesize, Get To Market Quick
9. Plan, But Be Open to Change
10. Balance IS Possible (Well, Sometimes)


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