He who fights for honor… [Quotes]

Often regarded as one of the greatest military strategists in European history, Hannibal would later be considered one of the greatest generals of antiquity, together with Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Scipio, and Pyrrhus of Epirus.  (Source)

An excerpt from Hannibal’s Ninety-Nine Truths

He who fights for glory never lives long enough to hear the victory songs.

He who fights for gold is already blinded by the glitter and glare of his own greed, all to soon led astray by all things shiny.

He who fights for sport seldom finds the gods in a sporting mood.

He who fights for love must leave the one he loves the most behind so he can dance with the one he hates the most.

But he who fights for honor cannot be led astray.– Hannibal on Honor.

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