Jay Z talks Business | CNN Interview | Advice [Video]

Jay-Z- decoded -hugo aviles“The difference between success and failure is opportunity.” – Jay Z   

Jay Z takes the time to speak with CNN on what it takes to succeed in business and gives great incites and advice on coming up.  I have taken the time to paraphrase some of his main bullet points.  Definitely a great interview to listen to..

Jay Z’s advice to other people coming up..

“Do things that are true to you. Most things that I’m involved with are an extinction of being creative. You know Rocawear is a clothing company it is part of who you are in Hip Hop, it is your attitude.  What you are trying to express is what you dress. So I would say, get involved with things that you love and also have a standard for yourself. Develop a level of integrity and find truth in what you are doing.”

What Jay Z learned from the street..

“All the things that you apply in business come from the street. When people say that I have great instincts, in the streets having great instincts can mean the difference between life and death not just losing the deal, or incarceration which is less than death.  In the streets you need to be a person of high integrity where people want to deal with you in business. You need to be honorable and a man of your word.  All these things come to play in the business world. I’m not condoning any street activity, but it is just the way it is.”

How Jay Z decides which companies to work with..

“Sometimes it’s more about the relationships. I try to work with brands that want to build partnerships. It’s more or so if I can create some type of partnership.  I pretty much look for partners as opposed to one off endorsement deals.  I need to keep some creative control because for me, it’s my life. It is who I am as a person.  I can’t just let someone have creative control of who I am.”

Best investment advice that Jay Z has ever received..

 “I think just doing things that you believe in, doing things that you understand. I heard Warren Buffet say that the other day, and I innately believe in that.  Just invest in things that you understand.”

What Jay Z learned from Warren Buffet..

“Instincts are very important in business.  I did not go to any business school or follow any manuals such as Record Business 101 or anything like that. I pretty much followed my instincts and he pretty much reaffirmed that. “

Jay Z on his most valuable possession..

“My words, because they caused all of this. My words saved my life.”

Jay-Z- decoded interview


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