JORDAN-BELFORT, HUGO-AVILES, HUGO-D-AVILESJordan Belfort is an American author & motivational speaker who was convicted of crimes related to stock market manipulation for taking part in running a boiler room which he spent 22 months in prison.

As the owner of one of the biggest and most successful brokerage firms in Wall Street history and having raised over $1.5 billion in start-up capital, Jordan has real-world experience and expertise in this arena that is unmatched. He has also consulted with over 300 public companies, while also sitting on the board of 50 of them.

Jordan also had the experience of watching his world crash down around him, as he was incarcerated for securities fraud and served 22 months in federal prison as a result.

For more than 22 years, Jordan Belfort has proven his tremendous ability to build businesses, transform sales teams and help thousands of people create massive wealth.


Some Key Quotes And Elements Discussed In The Presentation;

All change happens in an instant.

“I do not come from a rich family, but I come from a really good family.”-Jordan Belfort

“There are always patterns in everything, there are patterns in books, there are patterns in human behavior, there are patterns in success, there are patterns for everything in life. You just need to pay attention to them.” – Jordan Belfort

“It’s the guy who came back after making a mistake, it’s the guy who came back and learned his lesson. That is what inspires people. “ – Jordan Belfort

Sometimes we do things so well, that we have no idea how we are doing them.

The emotions that we feel dictate the quality of your life.

“You need to see things as they are, not worse than they are, than see them better than they are, and make them that way.” – Jordan Belfort

Nothing is more destructive then limiting beliefs.

You need to master the art of controlling your own emotional state.

The following video presentation showcases the charismatic leadership qualities that have transformed The Wolf Of Wall Streets career.

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