Mastering Your Opponent | Three External Forces | Four Traits to Possess [Strategy]

jay-z-hugo-aviles-blog2The game of business and entrepreneurship is very volatile and strategic in nature.  Therefore, just like the game of chess, you must understand the art of the game and master the mind of your opponent. The following post, at first glance, might seem cynical and even amoral upon conception.   It summarizes philosophies and compiles particular strategies and tactics in the art of mastering your opponent and yourself.

“Preparing for war makes you tough, and reminds you of the qualities necessary for victory: cold, prudent judgment, alertness to changing conditions, bravery under fire, courage when challenged, solidarity with your comrades at arms, and total commitment to mission”- Michael A. Ledeen

Machiavelli based his strategies and tactics on the motion that people are basically stupid, unable and unwilling to govern themselves.  He also concluded that people need strong leaders who will do whatever is necessary to maintain order and promote abundance.

According to Machiavelli there are three external forces that govern men. These three forces act as prime movers and reflect the fuel for which they animate there endeavors.  These external factors are; Virtue, Necessity, and Fortune.

 *Virtue: The character of a man. You need to remember that Virtue is subjective and is in the man himself.

*Necessity: Doing what is necessary to accomplish the mission or getting the job done. Sometimes called Prudence.

*Fortune: Simply put, it is the monetary or end gain, and acts as the motivational driving force of men.  Just like chance, fortune favors a prepared mind.

jay-z-hugo-d-aviles-blog What traits to posses in order to master yourself and your business:

You must possess virtue
Time and time again you will be tempted by the evils of greed.  There will be wolves knocking at your door tempting you with get rich schemes and dirty deeds to make a quick buck.  The truth is that there are no short cuts in business.  You need to conceptually realize who you are as a person and what your long term goals and values are. Pay your dues and work at a smart and relentless pace. Let the law of accelerated returns take its course. Do not let anyone defame your character. This is the most important trait that you will ever own. We all make mistakes, but you need to take accountability for them and move on.

You must be brave
You need to have the mental toughness to deal with the hardships and the pain that the business world emits.  The odds will always be stacked against you.  There will always be internal and external variables that will stand in your way. Respect this process and accept it as a way of life.  History and fortune respects perseverance and the man who overcomes this resistance.  Expect nothing less, and accept nothing less.

You must be relentless and consistent
Prosperity and greatness is not given.  It is harnessed by consistency and relentlessness.  Learn to master these traits and you will achieve great credibility amongst your peers.  Credibility in turn will open the doors to future connections, ventures, and opportunities.  Therefore, staying relentless and consistent is the best investment that you can ever make.

You must stay fluid and attentive
The world of business is very volatile and fluid. There are many ups and downs and the cycle repeats itself.   You need to have the ability to quickly adapt and overcome these cycles.  Understand that there is a physical force known as “Momentum” that governs these cycles.  This momentum can be calculated at the tactical level (1-3 weeks > ) or at the Strategic Level (3 weeks<).   Entrepreneurs tend to develop a level of myopia that blinds them from the outside world, external variables and competitors. They are so focused on the bottom line that they forget to study the competition and accept change.  Staying fluid and attentive to these cycles or dynamic shifts will keep you on your toes and out of the red.

According to Buddha, man suffers because he makes unrealistic demands of himself and his environment.  Everything that he touches, every thought he thinks, contains the seed of his future suffering.   Furthermore, we are all governed by the internal and external forces in the following post.  So in essence, you must learn to master these forces, before they master you..

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