Michael-Gerber, E-MYTH, STARTUPSInnovators Forum features Michael Gerber as he outlines the four different mind-sets of the entrepreneur, and gives a synopsis of the E-Myth concept. He is the Author of the world-renowned “E-Myth” book series, which is a series of books that go in to detail about the profound ideas that can mean the difference between the success and failures of small business and entrepreneurship.

I have provided the following link to a PDF that summarizes The E-Myth Revisited – by Michael E. Gerber → http://www.kmcenteeassoc.com/site/assets/docs/emyth.pdf

Some Key Points discussed In The Following Video Interview;

**The three personalities of a business owner; The Entrepreneur (The Visionary), The Manager (The Enabler), The Technician (The Producer)

**The four dimensions of an Entrepreneur, The Dreamer, The Thinker, The Story Teller or Performer, and the Leader.

**The person is never the problem, the system is.

**Continually improving you business by, innovation, quantification, and orchestration.

**Concentrating on the technical elements of the business when you are small, so that you can replicate it when you are big.

**7 Disciplines of a World Class Company

1. Discipline of the enterprise leader
2. The Discipline of the marketing leader
3. The Discipline of the financial leader
4. The Discipline of the management leader
5. Lead Generation
6. Lead Conversion
7. Client fulfillment

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