Motivation Through Fear | The Four E’s [Four Principles]

“Intimidation –motivation through fear- is an ever-present head game played in a myriad of ways.  If you give it some thought, you might be shocked to find that a large percentage of your actions are motivated by fear. You may be motivated by the fear of physical harm, the fear of losing someone’s love, or the fear of being embarrassed, to name a few. Some of these fears are valid, but most are not. It’s, the preponderance of unfounded fears which unnecessarily disrupts your life.”Robert Ringer


To the context that we are all creatures restrained by the psychological realms that fear imposes on us.  We must all learn to accept fear as a mental obstruction standing in the way of our visions and dreams.

50cent-business-quotesFEARING NOTHING

The transgression to this is that in order to be a true leader, you must fear nothing! The truth is that you only have so much time and energy in this world.   Every minute squandered on negativity and the unproductively exponentially reduces your potential for success in the future.


There are four principles that you can use as a foundation to help take on the world of Entrepreneurship and overcoming your fears.  I like to call these guidelines, “The Four E’s”

1. Emotions:  In the game of business, there are no emotions. You need to learn to control your emotions, or else your emotions will control you.  You have to be strong enough not to let emotions sway you and cloud your judgment.


hip-hop-business-quotes2. Excuses:  Excuses are stumbling blocks that are put there by our past experiences. You need to constantly test the boundaries of life and the norm.  There is an old analogy of what one man calls a stumbling block, another calls a stepping stone.  One will recognize that “Stumbling Block” as a huge obstacle and use it as an excuse to turn around and go home. You need to see excuses as stepping stones, not stumbling blocks.


3. Ego: You need to have the willpower to keep you ego under control.  You will spend a significant amount of time, capital, and energy into developing an indestructible mindset. Do not let this corrupt your conceptual values and norms.  Stay humble and keep your pride in check.


4. Enemies:  The truth is that we are all in competition.  The term “Enemy” holds a significant amount of “Machiavellian” weight, but for the sake of this posting, we will call this principle, “Competitors”.   In order to succeed in any industry, you need to do your due diligence and study your competition.  Sometimes we can strategically partner with our competitors, and sometimes we can’t.  Therefore, study and embrace your competition, because they are waiting patiently to take you out.



Furthermore, you need to demand respect out of yourself if you desire others to hold the same respect for you. Respect is contagious and so is courage. If you hold yourself accountable and take on the world with a fearless mentality, others will follow suit.  So embrace the “Four E’s” and apply them to your life, the rest will follow suit.  The equation is simple, HUSTLE + MUSCLE = SUCCESS

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