Overcoming Procrastination | Staying Focused | Time Management [ Tips ]

0911111047aProcrastination in life and business is the root of all evil. It surrounds are every thought and every task. As we debate putting off what can be accomplished today and right now for the luxury of tomorrow. Time and time again, we all go through this cycle. This cycle, if allowed, will compound exponentially into your life and your business.

As the rule of thumb states, “An object in motion remains in motion unless acted upon by an outside net force.”  This simple rule in physics also applies to life.  You need to comprehend early on in your career that you need to stay focused and efficiently productive.  Do not just stay busy and work on tasks to look like you are working. Making 1000 calls a day and not landing any appointments does not make you proficient and effective. Neither does spending your day organizing your spam and email filters.  I have personally witnessed colleagues spend an entire year studying for a securities and real estate license, while living off of their savings, and never using it.  Do not let this be you.

032610173858Productive Inertia
The first law of thermodynamics states, “That energy cannot be created or destroyed but it can be transferred”.  Understand this principle at its core. Throughout the day your mind processes a significant amount of information.  You need to learn to “TURN OFF” the outside world (NOISE) and concentrate and focus deeply on the end result.  Most modern day neuroscientists call this “The four hour focus”.  You need to allow your mind to intensively focus on the mission or project at hand.  Turn off your phones and any media outlets that will distort your concentration.  These four hours of productive concentration will allow you to efficiently put out more work output than you would have working the entire day. This is known as “PRODUCTIVE CREATIVE OUTPUT!”

Unproductive Inertia
We are all prone to the same psychological demons with regards to procrastination and ineffective time management. The three main reasons why we tend to put off tasks till tomorrow are;

IMG_20121201_1426511. HAVING EMPTY GOALS
The art of goal setting is very extensive and will be inferred in another posting. But for the sake of this brief synopsis, I will state the following; you need to figure out what your short term and long term goals are.  Most people just tend to “wing it”.  In business, love, and in life you need to have a clear picture of where you want to be a week, a year, or 5 years down the road. Yes, there are many variables that will come into play and act as stumbling blocks. But when you take the time to design a clear dynamic picture of where you want to be years from now, your brain will start producing enough dopamine to motivate you to keep on going when the times get tough.

Discouragement is a sign of weakness.  Those who are discouraged will put off what can be done today for another day and so on.  They will start working on ineffective tasks that do not produce any efficient results just for the sake of staying busy.  This is the worst form of work.   That is why you must learn to master the most precious commodity in life, time.

The following factor acts as a double edge sword. If you do not set your bar high enough, you will become complacent and will not put out your best work. If you set your bar low enough you will see results, but will not have enough psychological motivation to keep on going past levels of new formed resistance. That is why you need to define what your short term and long term goals are. Figure out what your daily and REAL objectives are and do the best that you can to effectively and efficiently accomplish them. These small incremental daily gains will get you to and beyond the finish line.

The fact is that many people tend to procrastinate because there goals lack balls and are not aspiring enough to pursue and go after.  They are intended to be realistic and therefore are not motivational enough for them to plow over when the times get tough.  Our human species has proven time and time again that nothing is impossible. Human nature and the norm will tell you that you are delusional and that you will not and cannot accomplish your goals. This is where the laws of perseverance and relentlessness take its course and help you prove them wrong. This might act as a mundane mantra, but the truth is that if you put your creative mind to it, you will achieve it.  That is the testament of the game. Nurture it and live. Vereour Nusquam

Recommended Books on Time Management:

The Magic of thinking Big by David J. Schawrtz

The Effective Executive by Peter F. Drucker


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