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Young entrepreneur, assiduous economist, and media innovator Hugo D. Aviles uses his site to share in detail his ideas, challenges and failures along the way.

21st Aug 2013

Jay Z Short Documentary | Making of the Brooklyn Nets [Video]

In this short documentary, JAY Z’s Life+Times takes an unprecedented behind the scenes look at the creation of JAY Z’s Barclays Center opening concerts. The following short documentary includes never...

18th Aug 2013

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson |Wall Street Journal Interview [Video]

In this exclusive interview with the Wall Street Journal, Hip Hop Artist and Serial Entrepreneur Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson talks to Lee Hawkins about his evolution as an artist and...

14th Aug 2013


Celebrated author Seth Godin talks about experimenting and problem solving with Bryan Elliott for ‘Behind the Brand.’ ‘Behind the Brand” is a video series created by Entrepreneur Online that focuses...

12th Aug 2013

CreativeLive’s Secrets From Silicon Valley | Creative Live [Video]

Some of todays most intuitive and creative startup minds gather during CreativeLive’s Secrets From Silicon Valley Event.  Business visionaries Tim Ferriss and Gary Swart join CreativeLive’s Chase Jarvis and Mike...

05th Aug 2013

Tim Ferriss | Startup Advice | Startup Talk Interview [Video]

Tim Ferriss gives great startup advice while briefly interviewed by StartUp Talk during a Tech Crunch event.  Tim Ferriss takes the time to answers several important questions that focus on...

02nd Aug 2013

Cristiano Ronaldo Biography | The Story So Far | Documentary [Video]

Cristiano Ronaldo is considered to be one of footballs greatest young players. His ferocious passion for the beautiful game, dedication to training and fitness, has led him to become FIFA...

01st Aug 2013


Bruce Lee is known through all cultures as the father of modern day mixed martial arts.  Through the years he has become an iconic image displaying the intuitive integration between...

29th Jul 2013

Jack Dorsey delivers Keynote Speech | Co-Founder of Twitter & Square | Disrupt SF [video]

Jack Dorsey, Co-Founder of Twitter and Square, delivers a very monotone but powerful keynote speech at Disrupt SF.  He discusses the importance founders have on companies and the significance that...

26th Jul 2013

Wall Street Journal | Startup Series | Startup School [10 Videos]

The Wall Street Journal has created a unique video series on startups with some of the world’s most influential startup minds. I have taken the time to post some of...

24th Jul 2013


Ashton Kutcher guest speaks at the infamous Startup School and gives a noteworthy appearance. Ashton Kutcher discusses the importance of solving problems and the genuine effect that startup entrepreneurs need...

23rd Jul 2013

David Blaine holding his breath for 17 Min | Ted Talks [Video]

“As a magician I think that everything is possible and if something is done by one person, I think it can be done by others.”- David Blaine It is the...

16th Jul 2013

P Diddy Mentors Young Engineer | Sean Combs Business Mastery [Video]

We live in an environment where the path to success is ruined by instant gratification and push of a button “buy now” features.  What separates creative and intuitive minds from...

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