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Young entrepreneur, assiduous economist, and media innovator Hugo D. Aviles uses his site to share in detail his ideas, challenges and failures along the way.

13th Jul 2013

Mike Tyson Mentors UFC Fighters | Mike Tyson Speech [Video]

From a subjective scope, there is nothing more overruling than the fighting spirit.  As we live in a world encompassed with several anxieties, we must learn earlier on in our...

10th Jul 2013

Robert Greene on Entrepreneurship | Robert Greene Interview [Video]

The fact is that you need to have a resilient and persistent attitude to take on the world of entrepreneurship.  The entrepreneurship game is filled with many emotional anxieties and...

09th Jul 2013

The Art of War | Sun Tzu |History Channel Documentary [Video]

The Art of War was composed by one of the most profound military strategist of all time. It was written sometime in the 6th century BC by Chinese General Sun...

25th Jun 2013

Daymond John | Elite Daily Interview | Valuable Lessons [VIDEO]

Daymond John is one of the most intuitive branding geniuses of today’s entrepreneur era. He is known as the Retail King and consults several of today’s top retail brands. Most...

18th Jun 2013

Andrew Bachman Lecture | Entrepreneurship Advice | Leverage [VIDEO]

Self made tech and media mogul, Andrew Bachman, gives great insights and tips on the importance of the confidence factor.  He also takes the time to answer some start-up entrepreneurship...

17th Jun 2013

Michael Jordan | Hall Of Fame Speech | [Video]

Michael Jordan gives a one of a kind memorable speech at the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame during his induction ceremony.  Michael Jordan is embraced as one of basketballs...

23rd May 2013

Mark Zuckerberg | Startup School | Stanford Technology [Video]

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, guest speaks at Stanford Technology Ventures Program “Startup School” where he discusses the importance of understand trends and capitalizing on them.  Mark converses on the...

21st May 2013

Jay Z talks Business | CNN Interview | Advice [Video]

“The difference between success and failure is opportunity.” – Jay Z    Jay Z takes the time to speak with CNN on what it takes to succeed in business and...

14th May 2013

Startup Grind | Matt Rogers | Co-Founder of Nest [Video Interview]

Startup Grind speaks with Matt Rogers, the cofounder of Nest, on what it took to leave Apple and accomplish his start up journey. The average age of his start up...

07th May 2013

The Top 11 Mistakes of Startup Entrepreneurs | Guy Kawasaki [Video]

Venture Capitalist Guy Kawasaki bestows his entrepreneurial insights to UC Berkeley students on what he considers are The Top 11 Mistakes of Startup Entrepreneurs.    Guy Kawasaki is the co-founder of...

02nd May 2013

12 Lessons learned from Steve Jobs | Guy Kawasaki [Video]

One of Silicon Valley’s well known tech entrepreneurs and innovators, Guy Kawasaki, speaks on the 12 lessons that he learned from the late Steve Jobs.  Guy Kawasaki was one of...

18th Apr 2013

Pharrell Speaks on Success & Failure | Being Curious | Discovery [Videos]

Understanding the dynamic of constantly staying hungry is one of the most paramount motivational movers that we can embrace. Through time, we all tend to become complacent with life. This...

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