Robert Greene on Entrepreneurship | Robert Greene Interview [Video]

Robert_Greene-interview, hugo-avilesThe fact is that you need to have a resilient and persistent attitude to take on the world of entrepreneurship.  The entrepreneurship game is filled with many emotional anxieties and the truth is that you have to learn to embrace them, or else they will embrace you.  The earlier you learn to take on and overcome your anxieties, the earlier you will learn to embrace them as your own strengths.  This is known as the “Rule of resistance” and in entrepreneurship, it is a way of life.  

I found the following video interview on one of my favorite hard core philosophical writers Robert Greene.  Robert Greene gives some powerful real world advice on the mentality that young start-up entrepreneurs need to intuitively emulate.         

Some Bullet Points that are covered in the Robert Greene Interview;

          *Do not imagine that you have a million dollar idea and people are naturally going to invest in you. You have to persuade them.

We currently live in a society of transparency where you have to learn to trust your gut feeling and put your capital where your mouth is.   Understand that people in general have a significant amount of psychological anxieties that perplex them on a daily basis. You have to learn to develop natural leadership qualities where discipline and organic entrepreneurship habits are ingrained in your work. These organic traits of persistence and patience will transcend into your work and others will take notice. Most investors will tell you that it is not the idea that they invest in, but the man behind the idea.  Let your sweat equity determine your future.

          *Be prepared to fail, especially in your first venture.

Most young start-up entrepreneurs are so set in their ways where they feel that they have to hit it out of the park the first time up at bat.  Understand that the earlier you learn to play the game, the earlier that you will learn to overcome your strikes and failures.  There will always be another time up at bat.  The earlier that you start, the earlier that you will begin what is known an Economics as the period of “Accelerated Returns”.  Your ideas and your tacit knowledge will compound daily where you will learn to ingrain several other tools in your entrepreneurship arsenal.  This along with the fact that you will gain real world experience will help you build the habitual traits that you will need to move on from venture to venture.  Get over your ego, and just play the game. 


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