Robert Greene On Self-Transformation And The Creative Process [Video]

ROBERT-GREENE, ROBERT-GREENE-BLOG, TED-TALKS, HUGO-AVILES, ROBERT-GREENE-TED-TALKSRobert Greene shares the key to transforming ourselves and also talks about his own personal transformation and his path to becoming a bestselling author. He goes over the organic creative process and such principles as Malcolm Gladwell’s “10,000-hours rule” as well as the importance of patience, social intelligence, primal inclinations, social dynamics, and intense realism.  This Ted Talks speech is definitely a must watch.

Robert Greene On Power…

“People want power and they want to disguise this wanting of power, so they play games. They covertly manipulate and intrigue, all while presenting a nice and saintly front. It was my job to expose these games.” – Robert Greene

Robert Greene On Intense Realism…

“We humans tend to fixate what we can see with our eyes.  It is the most animal part of our nature. When we look at the changes and transformations of other people’s lives. We see the good luck that the person has and also the connections and the funding sources they have accumulated.  We see the project that brings in all the money and attention.  We see the visible signs of opportunity and success.  The reality is that we are grasping at an illusion.  What really allows for dramatic changes are the things that occur in the inside of a person and are completely invisible. The slow accumulation of knowledge and skills. The incremental improvements of work habits and ability to withstand criticism. Any change in a person’s fortune is the invisible change and manifestation of deep preparation overtime.  By essentially ignoring this internally invisible aspect we fail to change anything fundamental within ourselves and so we in a few years time, we reach our limits and we grow frustrated of changes and we grab at something quick and superficial and we remain prisoners of these reoccurring patterns in our lives. The answer and the key to the ability to re-transform ourselves is actually insanely simple. We need to reverse this perspective. Stop fixating on what other people are saying and doing on the money, the connections, and the appearance of things.  Instead look inward.  Focus on the smaller internal changes that lay the groundwork for a much larger change in fortune.  It is the difference between grasping an illusion and emerging yourself in reality, and reality is what will liberate and transform you!”- Robert Greene


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