RZA, RZA-INTERVIEW, RZA-2013, HUGO-AVILESThere was a great article that was forwarded to me the other day by a good colleague of mine across the seas. It was written by Yahoo Business Insider and was titled, “Bad teenagers make good entrepreneurs, study says.

The following article states,

Wondering how to spot a future entrepreneur? Look for the smart teenager who keeps getting into trouble with the law. A new study of successful self-employed people finds that “a mixture of learning aptitude and‘break-the-rules’ behavior is tightly linked with entrepreneurship.”

The following statement above definitely holds some bearing with regards to the world of entrepreneurship and young startups. As young entrepreneurs need to conceptually embrace the cut throat mentality of being able to adapt to ever changing dynamics in their youth.

Dealing With Anxiety | Passive and Active Modes

From a strategic approach, there are two types of ways of dealing with the anxieties that fear causes- one Passive and the other Active. In the Passive mode, entrepreneurs tend to avoid the situations and challenges that cause the anxieties that they are dealing with. When entrepreneurs are in this mode, they are emotionally and physically scared of attacking the challenge dead on.

In the Active mode, entrepreneurs do the opposite and take the time to deal with the anxieties they are fighting dead on. They develop the inner strength and perseverance to deal with the problem. Than somehow they psychologically overcome the challenge that they thought would ruin their lives, and than rationalize that it was not so bad after all. This is the mentality that you need to learn to embrace early on in your career if you want to take on the world of entrepreneurship.

As the article states,

“The incorporated self-employed have a distinct combination of cognitive, non-cognitive, and family traits. …The combination of ‘smarts’ and ‘aggressive/illicit/risk-taking’ tendencies as a youth accounts for both entry into entrepreneurship and the comparative earnings of entrepreneurs.”

Entrepreneurs need to embrace the Active mode of dealing with challenges and adversity dead on. The following interview with RZA supports this intuitive freethinking entrepreneurship philosophy as he gives great preferential supporting bias on the topic. Simply put, entrepreneurs, whether young or old, need to embrace the Active mode of problem solving and taking on the world of business.

RZA, WU-TANG-CLAN, RZA-INTERVIEWOne Of A Kind Interview With The Wu-Tang Clan’s Chief Producer RZA

RZA is the Wu-Tan Clan’s chief producer and is considered to be one of Hip Hop’s most intuitive minds, as he has had a significant amount of impact on all genres of music and modern day culture for the last 25+ years.

In this monumental interview with Montreality (http://themontreality.com/ ), the RZA speaks about the importance of studying on your own, along with the veracious impact that investing in yourself has on your career and life.

“Every man should work, as the Bible says, “Every man should work at the sweat of his brow.” Because when you work all day, the food taste better and the water more refreshing because the body deserves it.”- RZA

“My advice to the youth is this, you should obtain the twelve jewels of life no matter what. They are, Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Freedom, Justice, Equality, Food, Clothing, Shelter, and after that, Love, Peace, and Happiness.” – RZA

– The type of student he was at school (0:18)
– Jobs he had as a teenager growing up (1:19)
– His 1st big paycheck (3:48)
– His favorite cartoon character (4:33)
– His favorite videogame (5:28)
– What he thinks he were in a previous lifetime (6:09)
– His final (solo) studio album – The Cure (7:29)
– The Wu-Tang reunion album – A Better Tomorrow (8:37)
– Good times with Ol’ Dirty Bastard, ODB hologram (10:30)
– The “Bobby Digital” saga, plans to release the amateur film this year (13:08)
– Who Hip-Hop belongs to (13:58)
– His message to the youth (15:09)


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