Sean Combs | Jimmy Kimmel| 6 Important Lessons [Video]

diddy-on-the-jimmy-kimmel-showJimmy Kimmel takes the time to interview hip hop mogul and serial entrepreneur Sean Combs, as he speaks on the importance of several great entrepreneurial character qualities.  The interview showcases his humbling and humorous character, as he stresses the essence of smart and relentless hard work.


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In the video, Sean Diddy Combs stresses the following 6 important valuable lessons;


He discloses to the audience how important health is to everyone. Most entrepreneurs ignore this important quality, as they spend a significant amount of time on revenue generated activities.  When in fact, they should allocate at least 1-2 hours out of their day to take on any type of cardiovascular activity.  The mind will follow the body, and the body will follow the mind.  Therefore, if you want to take on the intense and demanding world of entrepreneurship, you need to eat right, and take care of your health!

Hard Work

He expresses his gratitude to the intense hard work that he put in during the early stages of his career.  This specific mindset has been passed down to his kids, as he divulges in the interview how he demands the best out of his kids as he demands the best out of himself.


Time is one of the most precious commodities that we have.  Sean Combs explains how he is finally able to enjoy the fruits of his labor and watch his 6 kids grow up.  This is a very important quality to admire, because the truth is that you have to pay your dues and work smart and relentless when you are young, so you can reap the fruits of your labor when you are old.


Till this day he takes accountability for all his actions.  He embraces this ethos amongst his kids and stresses the essence of responsibility.  Though Sean Diddy Combs is a wealth entrepreneur, he still makes them clean up after themselves and perform basic chores.

Growing Up

Most entrepreneurs are in fact kids at heart.  As entrepreneurs are trained to think outside of the box and integrate several creative qualities into their conceptual mindsets.  Sean Diddy Combs mentions that he is finally at a stage in his life where he feels that he is growing up.  His six kids have taught him very valuable lessons that he is able to transcend into his career and life.


This is a very important quality that entrepreneurs need to merge into their methodical plan of actions.  As the world of business is very volatile in nature and products and services need to all go through the business life cycle.  Whether we all like to admit it or not, your product or service will mature. That is why you need to constantly keep your eyes open for niche market opportunities.  That is why Diddy has collaborated with Mark Wahlberg to start their new water venture AQUAhydrate!



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