Seven Powerful Quotes by Robert Ringer on Winning Through Intimidation… [Quotes]

Robert J. Ringer has been called “the contemporary Machiavelli” by many modern day philosophers and entrepreneurs.   His first book titled, Winning Through Intimidation, was written in 1973 and was self published.  As the book was rejected by 10 publishers before he decided to take the risk on raising enough capital to publish it on his own.  It later became a bestseller at the top of The New York Times Best Seller List.   Ringer professes the practical “looking out for number one” mentality, as the fact is that we cannot help others, unless we take care of ourselves first.

On self-respect

“Respect is contagious. If you have self-respect, it’s likely that you’ll maintain the respect of others too.  But if you lack it, certainly no one will be able to contract it from you.”


On Rational-Selfishness…

“If you’re not basing your actions on rational choice, you’re out of control, and anything out of control is dangerous to both itself and its surroundings…  Every person subjectively draws his own lines concerning what is and is not proper action, based either on his own moral standards, the moral standards of others, or what is convenient for him at the time of his action”


On carrying excess baggage…

“Most people carry more baggage than necessary on their journey through life.  And, like the airlines, Nature charges for excess baggage.”


On reality…

“Avoid the pitfall of confusing the way you think things ought to be and the way they really are.  Never be so afraid of the truth that you refuse to acknowledge it.  How are you to deal effectively with the facts if you deny their existence…  Proper assessment of realty can be as crucial to life as oxygen.  To try to make it through this world without a reasonable understanding of reality is like stumbling around in a dark room laden with land mines.”


On Ruthlessness

“We sometimes lose sight of the fact that our primary objective is really to be happy as possible and that all our other objectives, great and small, are only a means to that end.  To the degree we achieve our subojectives, and to the extent these subojectives and rational, we feel good…  Every man has the natural right to pursue his own happiness in any way he chooses and to retain ownership over all the fruits of his labor, so long as he does not forcibly interfere with the same rights of others.”


On making mistakes

“Don’t let your mistakes be your excuse for quitting.  Everybody makes mistakes- you are allowed a few…   just not the same ones:  The bottom line is to keep moving forward toward the solution of your problem.  It’s also not unusual:  people make mistakes every day.”


On traditions…

“Forget foundationless traditions, forget the “moral” standards others may have tried to cram down your throat, forget the beliefs people may have tried to intimidate you into accepting as “right”.

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