Tony Robbins | Warren Buffet speak on what it takes to succeed in 2013

Tony Robbins, Warren Buffet, Julian Castro and Sara Blakely speak on what it takes to succeed amongst the competition.  There are several admirable inspirational quotes in the video that we can all apply towards our 2013 goals.


“The best investment you can make is in yourself.  Anytime that you can invest in yourself, you will get a payout  1000 / 1 ” – Warren Buffet

“I always liked to do business. When I was five years old I used to buy 6 cokes from my grandfather’s store for a quarter and sell them for a nickel each.  In fact, maybe I can sell you something today?” – Warren Buffet

“The circumstances of pain made me look for answers.”- Tony Robbins

“My dad lost his job in 1931 and I was one year of age and he had two kids. He had a mortgage in his house and he worked at a bank. The bank was closed and he had his money in the bank and he just started a business. He had nothing else to do. For a year or two it was tough, but America comes back. You are riding with the tide in this country, and you just keep plowing ahead. “- Warren Buffet

“Who you spend time with is who you become. Even if you have to work for someone for free, you just need to be around the environment.  You begin to think like they think, you begin to see where the opportunities are.”- Tony Robbins

“If you take the time to invest in yourself and keep knocking on the door, sooner or later, the doors will open.  It’s not the biggest door in the world, but a door will open that can lead to the great things that you are looking for.” – Julian Castro


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